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Woman in Gold

This week I worked on everything but my upcoming novel with coathor, Tom Wing. I have it all worked out, but many days when I finally finish my work on everyone else’s books, the words won’t come. I know what I want to write. I feel my characters’ emotions. I watch them interacting in technocolor movies that flicker inside my eyelids. I know them. I feel them. But their final pas de deux is imperfectly choreographed. I need to chase them around the block one more time. And so tonight, I turned on Netflix and watched, “Woman in Gold,” released in 2015.

Like my novel, the movie is imperfect. However, before the credits played out, I was scouring the Internet for the real Fritz and Maria Altman—Austrian Jews who left everything behind when they escaped the Nazis in 1938. And everything I could find about the artist, Klimt. And boy, there was alot to find. If nothing else, watch Randol Schoenberg tell the real story here:

Then, watch the real Maria explain.

Or watch the movie, “Woman in Gold” on Netflix or check out this website:

Any of these options are interesting.

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