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When a Bookstore You Love Moves to a New Location

Congratulations to Sara Putman, owner of Bookish in Fort Smith, AR, which has moved to a new location in the same old location! I know, I know…I can hear you now saying, ”What?” Yes, she’s still at The Bakery District but Bookish is now on the ground floor on 6th Street. It’s easy to get to, has lots of on-street parking, is creatively laid out, charming…and has plenty of room for all kinds of book events.

Here’s a first gander at the new arrangement…

And it’s so charming…

First glance

Celebrating the new digs with food and drink…

Many thanks to Sara for featuring Red Engine Press authors!

Always grateful when my own book is displayed!

Love the children’s reading nook and the bookcase near the font window!!

So many new book nooks to explore!

Good luck, Sara!

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