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Traveling Our Road

Segment #4

Having completed these two books I now had a slew of characters from which to select as substitutes in “Dave’s Tale.” I chose seven main characters from the trilogy for my new book and began the rewriting process. What developed was a picture book for children that would help connect them to and communicate with ill loved ones. Fifteen years later, what had been “Dave’s Tale,” has just been published as “Traveling Our Road.”

As described on my webpage,

“Traveling Our Road,” is a complex story simplified for children of all ages. In it the “Road” becomes a central character shared by Dylan and DJ, both of whom are faced with tragic circumstances, that of DJ’s early onset Alzheimer’s disease and that of Dylan’s role as a caregiver. Sustained by love and commitment, the author explains some of the challenges they face along their Road and the illustrator makes the story jump off its pages into your heart. Replete with verbal and visual symbolism, the story invites children to consider how they might communicate with impaired loved ones.

Books can be ordfered from Amazon.

Profits are to be donated towards finding a cure and/or prevention for Early Onset Alzheimer's disease.

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