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Skunk Tales Trilogy

Segment #3

With Dave gone, the original purpose of writing a children’s story was no longer relevant, however I continued writing. In fact I couldn’t put the story down. You could find me lost behind the screen of my computer for hours at home or in coffee shops writing away. The animals had become my secret friends who, not only helped me during the grieving process but, also gave me purpose.

Two of the three books in “Skunk Tales Trilogy” were published eight years after Dave’s death. The once short story of 32 pages written for my Grandson, had developed into a complex political allegory taking on multiple meanings, themes and messages for tweens and adults. Together the two books were more than 350 pages with over 20 characters.

Frequently I'm asked what "Norton's Tale" and "Sebastians Tale" are about. So, I’ll share brief descriptions of each which you can also find on my web page, Here’s what it says about “Norton’s Tale,” the first installment of the Trilogy …

“When the skunk Norton Bulymur is banished from the ancient land of Westphalia because of an experiment gone awry, he must escape to survive. His cousin Mordecai and a hodgepodge crew of unlikely sailors join forces, and together they embark on a perilous sea voyage in search of a new home.”

And “Sebastian’s Tale,” the second installment in the Trilogy, has the following webpage description ...

“Friends Sebastian and Willie struggle to unravel an ancient prophecy and end a family curse, but danger lurks around every corner. Along the path from "Pretendment" to "Enlightenment," Sebastian and Willie learn about a new and menacing enemy that threatens their future, and time is running out. Who, or what, is taking over Penn’s Wood? And why are the animals and people getting sick?”

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