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Revitalizing the art of conversation…

While some folks struggle with hearing at an early age, others live many years until their hearing degrades. In these cases, conversations with friends, family and spouses become frustrating rather than joyful. Because it comes on gradually, we often rely on text messaging. And that’s a good solution for most things. However, it’s important to have the human touch in some conversations. So in this blog, from time to time, we’ll explore other communication options.

I have two loved ones with significant hearing loss. And several friends who struggle to understand conversations in noisy rooms. So, while we might not ever be totally conversant in American Sign Language (ALS), for those of use who want to go back to more a more personal touch, we’re going to have a good time learning how to chat in person…like the old days.

Here’s our first 25 signs:


Here’s the kindle book, my family is using:

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