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Review: Garrison Avenue, Audiobook

Garrison Avenue, by Joyce Faulkner and Dr. Micki Voelkel, is now out as an audiobook. It is based on the historic first and only lynching in Ft. Smith, Arkansas in the 1910s and painstakingly researched.

Dr. Voelkel does the readings along with Eric Wells. Both are professionals and excellent. There are no uninteresting spots in which the story loses interest. Both Voelkel and Wells make sure to keep the story interesting as they read.

In Garrison Avenue, Faulkner describes life in Fort Smith, Arkansas when the pain of the Civil War still resounded in people’s minds. It also shows the development of Fort Smith as it steered itself into the Twentieth Century.

The book describes the occurrence and aftermath of the 1912 lynching of Sanford Lewis for the murder of patrolman Andy Carr. Lewis was innocent. Authorities apprehended him and a mob formed. The mob took justice into its own hands, grabbed Lewis, and hung him.

Garrison Avenue is a work that took countless hours to create. The story is compelling.

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