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Updated: Apr 9

When you think of the contributions of our military service members, there is something unique and humble about these amazing men and women.”

~ LTC (ret) Richard Vargus

Author LTC (ret) Richard Vargas has written a very informative and interesting book on the use of military dogs in the service and the pains of getting the program started. Vargas gives a history of military war dogs and explains their missions, the logistics of getting the dogs and their handlers where they needed to be, and of getting so many parts of the military working together on individual projects.

The book discusses the use of dogs in Iraq and Enduring Freedom campaigns and other places. It also goes into the problem of getting dogs home with soldiers wanting to keep them.


Although the book is serious, it gives some situations, like the construction of overnight dog trailers, that are both, to a degree, miraculous and have a touch of humor.


Warrior Dogs is a great book to learn about the nuts and bolts of this helpful program.




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