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MVS Channel 956

MVS stands for Masonic Village of Sewickley, PA. MVS is a unique Continuing Care Retirement Community ("CCRC") and is my new home. My move here eight months ago was arduous at the age of 78. I was challenged by a fork in my road to "right-size" or remain on my present road. I had been pondering the decision for over three years but the opportunity to simplify my life presented itself and thus I moved from a 2300 square foot townhome to a 890 square foot apartment. Why I decided to take the "road less traveled" and why I selected MVS are subjects for future posts.

My past four posts are segments of a recent Book Talk I gave on November 17, 2022 were at MVS. My new book, "Traveling Our Road" had great appeal to my new friends and neighbors. All of us have been touched by the growing prevalence of Alzheimer's disease which is expected to increase as "Boomers" age and as our population is faced with health issues exacerbated by climate change.

Eighty neighbors living independently in MVS villas or a variety of different sized apartments attended the Book Talk which was recorded. The event, followed by refreshment and socialization, was so well received that it is being aired twice on the MVS channel this December.

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