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Making a Travel Journal (Part One)

Bitter Melon Press, Chanel Ly (Used with permission)

Life gets busy. We rush here and there, missing so much of what goes on around us if we don't document what went on. Missing special memories can happen on a cruise ship, too.

This series of articles shows travelers a way to remember what they've seen, heard, and experienced - making and keeping a dedicated travel journal. The picture above shows different ways to assemble blank pages. Most are easy. Some are not. We will center in on the easier ones: Stab binding and pamphlet stitching.

Chanel Ly, who offered her photo of "Types of Bindings," is a bookbinding artist from Los Angeles by way of Vancouver. She makes exquisite books (including photo albums) and had a YouTube presence at BitterMelonBindery. She’s a wonderful instructor.

Stay tuned for the next part on how to assemble your book. Sail away!


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