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Learning about the Battle of Massard Prairie at the Fort Smith Historic Site

On Saturday, August 13, 2022, our Rackensack Book Club had it’s first post pandemic in-person meeting. Led by Cody Faber at the Fort Smith Historic Site, our book was “The Battle of Mazzard Prairie” by Dale Cox. It had been awhile since I’d read the book and gone out to the Battlefield and poked around so this was both a great refresh of what I thought I knew already and a wonderful introduction to larger picture of which I had no idea.

Certainly Cody is a great storyteller that we have all long enjoyed, but the frosting on this intellectual cake was when author Dale Cox joined us through the miracle of Zoom and shared his passion for research and documenting for modern audiences what happened when and why.

In the video below, Cody demonstrates the weapons available to the combatants at the Battle of Mazzard Prairie.

And here Cody discusses the reason this battle took place when and where it did.

It was a very enjoyable and educational morning and we are already looking forward to the next one.

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