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“Julia and Maud” Launch at Bookish on Saturday, August 26th, 2023 from 12:30 to 2:00 pm

Many thanks to these valuable resources:

John Faulkner - Layout and Design

Shelley Blanton - Archivist, Boreham Library, The Pebley Collection at Univerity of Arkansas, Fort Smith

Dusty Hebling - Historian

Al Whitson - Historian/Grandson of Cal Whitson

Cal Evans - Historian/Grandson of Cal Whitson

Billy Higgins - Historian

Sue and Sonny Robison - Cover Design and Reenactors

Karen Daggs - Researcher

Mindy Lawrence - Proofer and Editor

Carmel Faulkner - Proofer and Editor

Fort Smith Historical Society

Fort Smith Public Library

Caroline Speir, Fort Smith Museum of History

Cody Faber, Fort Smith Historic Site

Also Carolyn Joyce, Kevin Jones, Jerry Akin, John Hall, Jim Spears, James Reist and Sara Putman and many others.

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