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Introducing Red Engine Press Author and Vietnam Vet, Ric Hunter

Ric Hunter isa former Air Force active duty colonel, commander, and combat fighter pilot, having flown the F4 Phantom and the F-15C Eagle. He is a three-time Top Gun with 4000 hours at the controls of high-performance aircraft. After 9-11, he returned to the Air Force to manage its fighters training programs.

Ric is a novelist and a free-lance writer/photographer published in many national magazines.He now resides with his wife, Jan, also a writer, in the mountains of North Carolina.

His novel, Firehammer, received the Military Writers Society of America Silver Medal for 2014 and First Place for Historical Fiction in 2014 The Author’s Zone awards program.

Firehammer can be purchased in any bookstore…Brick and Mortor or Online. As usual, we encourage you to support your local Independent bookstores.

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