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“Honeymoons Can Kill!” By Bob Doerr

Updated: Feb 2

My wife, Leigh, and I love cruising. We’ve been on several and are very much looking forward to this Panama Canal cruise. We’ve been on Princess once before for an Alaska cruise and thoroughly enjoyed it (despite being publicly embarrassed and laughed at by hundreds – that’s another story).

We had a neighborhood group that cruised together every year for five years. Then one of the group had to go to jail and messed everything up. Leigh and I still manage to get out now and then to cruise somewhere. This will be the first time we’ll be going through the Panama Canal.

Being a writer, my friends on cruises often suggested I use a cruise for a setting for one of my Jim West mysteries. In my eighth Jim West mystery, I did just that. Honeymoons Can Kill is a story of murder and mayhem on the high seas. As the title implies, one couples honeymoon is ruined, and the murders turn Jim West’s chance at a romantic week into his own life and death struggle. Honeymoons Can Kill: (A Jim West Mystery Thriller Series Book 8): Doerr, Bob: 9781590953143: Books

Ideally, this cruise will go much better! – Bob Doerr

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