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Ease of Shopping, Order to my Door!

Well believe it or not, the holiday season is upon us and you should be getting your shopping lists ready to go! Here at Chapters we are getting geared up for that fun time of year when we see an increase of locals plus many travelers and visitors from out of town coming to spend the holidays with family or to see our beautiful musical Christmas Tree plus decorations in Historic Downtown Van Buren!

This year we've made it much easier to get the newest of reads to you by upgrading our web pages to include shopping over 10,000 of the newest books and some of the older classics that can be ordered by us here at Chapters or you can order them direct to your home!

We have partnered with Ingram Publishing through ABA or American Booksellers Association which makes it possible for Indie Bookstores like ourselves to stay competitive with larger stores and Amazon. It also allows for us to be able to offer much more than we have room to accommodate within the walls of our store!

That makes it perfect for you, our loyal customers!

As much as we love for you to shop in store with us, there are times when we won't have room to shelf every single top 25 book in every genre in both hardcover and in paperback!

But with their help, we can still take care of you, our customers!

It is simple! Simply go onto our website to the tab showing "Shop Books" at the top drop down. That will take you to a page that includes a button on the bottom left corner that says "Buy Now".

From there you will be directed to a page where you can search for any book you are looking for from the classics to the latest in the top of genres! You can simply search at the top of the page using the authors name, the name of specific book or the isbn to find your selection.

The search will take you to the page with your book, the information on it, the author info, how you can order it-hardcover, paperback, audio, etc, and the cost with even a discount most times! The great thing is that it only takes a few minutes to place the order and is delivered right away at your home!

So we hope this assists you in some way to be able to use us this year before, during and after the holiday season! It's just another way that locals can help to keep their Indie Bookstore alive and well while we continue to find ways to offer you more services that help you, our loyal customers!

To order from our new site go to!

Don't forget to shop your local Indie Bookstore! We'd love to see you during the holidays!

See image below for look of search page!

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