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Brunch with Suzy Cottrell-Smith at Arts on Main in Van Buren, AR

Suzy amd Mike Smith at Arts on Main
Suzy and Mike Smith showing us how to make crepes and bake bacon.

I met my sister, Micki Volkel, at “Arts on Main” in beautiful downtown Van Buren, Arkansas, this morning. Now, I love art and all. However, I must confess that we hustled right on past some mighty fine pieces to get to the display kitchen. That’s because in my world, food someone else cooked trumps paintings and statues—everytime.

We’d come to watch Suzy Cottrell-Smith and her honey bun, Mike Smith, make things with real butter and cream. Things to die for like scrambled eggs and baked bacon crepes. Salmon Crepes. Chicken crepes with cheese and a Spinach and Mushroom salad dressed with her special olive oil, balsamic vinegar and honey dressing. Deliciously evil fruit and crema crepes. They even talked about the ins and outs of how to make the dad-gummed crepe itself. Who knew you could do that right in your own kitchen? Anyway, I washed all that information down, first with water, then OJ followed by black coffee—and ultimately champagne. Do Saturdays get any better than that?

I was no stranger to Suzy’s cooking. She kept me and mine satiated and happy throughout the many months of the Covid shutdown. More important than calories, it was a bright moment to look forward to on the days we knew her meals were going to replace my dark chocolate chips, frozen unsweetened strawberries and Greek yogurt regimen.

Suzy Cottrell-Smith explaining her crepe-making techniques.

Mike Smith making Crepes at Art on Main - 07/23/2022

Suzy and Mike do not disappoint. Ever. Today’s fun centered around seeing just how they do what they do. And with a full house of Suzy fans, everyone had fun. And a great lunch.

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