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Updated: Jan 1

Finalist 2023 TAZ

Children‘s Books

Author Dylan Weiss is the finalist in the 2023 TAZ Award for Children’s books for Traveling our Road, a tender and necessary book for children on loved ones with Alzheimer’s disease. It shows two partners starting out together then sharing the road which the disease takes them down. It’s told in a way that children will understand.

We are met by animals who follow the two people down their road and help them when called. The creatures help the couple from the onset of the disease to the more advanced stages.

Weiss has puppets she uses when she reads the story to young listeners. They help them understand a frightening disease in a nonthreatening way.

Often young people are perplexed by loved ones who begin to lose themselves. Weiss assists them in understanding the progress of the disease on their loved ones and on themselves.

The book is well written and needed. The illustrations by Abigail Walouke are lovely.


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