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Air Disaster Junkie…

Okay, I confess. Lunacy is in my blood. Goes way back to my mother’s amazing and diverse collection of books and her attitude that if we were interested and could read them, we had her blessing. So now things have evolved. There is the internet…and YouTube and Social Media. Together they are like Mama’s book closet on steroids. Ah. Nirvana! So much to learn, so little time to absorb it.

Lately, I’ve taken to things I can watch or listen to…like podcasts and videos. And this fellow, who goes by the handle of “Mentour pilot” has sucked me in…week after week, video after video. Given the time and money I spent learning to fly just enough to be able to write “Windshift,” my novel about women pilots in World War 2, I’m sure you’ll appreciate why this particular tale yanked all my chains…I’d tick them all off but then why would take time to watch?

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