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A Tour of the Emerald Princess cabin options…

I love cruising…and over the years we have cruised with a variety of cruise lines. One of our favorites is Princess though, because their ships, itineraries and activities target us, our interests and our budget. And because of that, we used Princess for our Alaska inside passage cruise, our cruise up the eastern coast of Africa, our first Caribbean cruise, and our cruise up the Eastern coast of Canada to Halifax. And that is why I chose Princess for our long dreamed of cruise through the Panama Canal in January, 2024. For those of you planning to join us—whether you are authors, artists, photographers, knitters, or any other kind of creative along with partners, friends, or relatives, I’ll be sharing plans over the next year as we solidify our programming. We will have our own meeting spaces on the ship but of course, if you join us, we also encourage you to do you, boo. Contact me if you have programming ideas or suggestions.

As you are making your plans and if you are a cruising rookie, I thought a video like this might be helpful. It shows you the wide range of cabin options available on the Emerald Princess. In the past, we have mostly sailed in inside and window cabins. Normally we pick based on where we are going and when. For example, we chose a window cabin for the Inside Passage in summer but an inside cabin for our late autumn trip to chilly Halifax. However, this trip is the Panama Canal, so we are choosing a balcony so as not to miss anything.

Hopefully, this video will give you an idea of what each cabin category is about on the Emerald Princess and will help you choose something that best fits your budget and your idea of fun.

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Mindy Lawrence
Mindy Lawrence
22 ธ.ค. 2565

What an excellent tour. ALL the rooms are marvelous!

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