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“This novel has as many twists and turns as the roads leading to Minerva.” ~David J. Shivers, President of the Salem Historical Society

"pieces is a remarkable piece of fiction. The story of the boys' journey from the innocence of youth to tragic maturity is a riveting and engrossing tale. The journey is one of greed, mayhem and murder and takes place in the unexpected and unfortunate world of the very young. pieces is a "must read" for all lovers of mystery as well as lovers of good fiction." ~Karen J. Common, author of Held in Heaven's Arms

“pieces is a book that you will become absorbed in from the first page to the last. You will not just read but fall into the excitement, suspense and intrigue. It just may be the book you will want to read in one sitting. The surprising pieces illustrated on the cover just keep coming through the pages. I love the creativity presented by Karen Biery in this beautifully imagined book.”~ Carol Minteer, retired teacher

“Think of your most cherished childhood memory of adventure shared with your best friend. Karen Biery's pieces takes the reader through these memories and weaves a sordid tale that spirals out of control from one bad decision. This gripping, page-turning story moves the reader through a stack of moral decisions and their consequences that will end in self-reflection. A great novel for Book Club discussions!” ~ Sandy Copeland, Sandra’s Gardening Services

“A real page turner. Karen Biery takes the reader from the simple innocence of two young boys’ accidental discovery of pieces of historical artifacts with special powers, through a complex evolution of moral dilemmas among many intertwined characters sharing small town life. Full of suspenseful action and vivid imagery, the fantasy makes the reader question his or her own moral choices when it comes to ambitions, wants and needs.” ~ Gwen Eastlake-DeCrow, Freelance Writer

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