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Murder Has Consequences

Murder Has Consequences

Two women each face the consequences of murder and greed. Michaela stood by her brother as he was gunned down on a street corner. She flees to South Padre Island, Texas, knowing the killer is looking for her. In a failed robbery attempt, Betty's newly foundhalf-brother kills her friend and co-worker. She buries herself in depression and shame.

Hap Lynch, a retired Kansas City cop, true to his own nature and motivated by a thirteen-year-old whiz-kid friend, wants to help. Can friendship and good intentions overcome the consequences of violence and deception? Can positive energy replace negativism? Can Hap and his friends save Michaela from a killer and Betty from herself?

A thousand miles away, Juan plays his own game of deception, motivated by blackmail, fear and love for his family. Even if he saves his wife, Lourdes, will he be able to save their marriage or will the truth destroy them? Two ruthless businessmen, who have built a lucrative smuggling trade, care nothing for the consequences of their actions.

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