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Chattels (Conviction Series Book 1)

Chattels (Conviction Series Book 1)

In the 1860's the flight for liberty for many slaves was a voracious desire, one that often could not be obtained without outside help. A twice-captured slave from Oak Bend, Georgia simply named George embraces his dream of freedom through the help of his master's granddaughter, Lacey.
George's well-planned excape leads through narrow opportunites that if missed would result in certain capture. Abolitionists throughout Georgia and the Carolinas cast aside their safety to ensure his future. When the freedom fighters of Salem, Ohio break the lock of bondage, he is lulled into false security and despite constant pursuit decides to make Salem his home.
This tale recalls a dark time in American history - an era of fervent believers in either the rights of freedom or the necessity of slavery and the contant, brutal, and secretive battle between the two.

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