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As Time Goes By: One Marine's Story

As Time Goes By: One Marine's Story

I was shocked at his memory for details.

Names, places, and dates were as vivid as the colors in my watercolor palette.

The Sap Green of the Huey helicopters, the Payne's Grey of my M-16, or the

Burnt Sienna of the wood on my M-14-that was the weapon I started with

on arrival in 1968. JB weaves in and out of a killer ambush memory like it

was yesterday's news and you can feel the sweat and taste the blood when it's

over. He finally gets back to Tulsa where we played football together, with

all his limbs intact. But he is a different man now-we all are after that war.

His is a story well told and worth the read-you will come out the other end

touched by the heat.

James Bruce Redus tells of a boy growing up in Texas and Oklahoma then

making the decision to join the United States Marine Corps, a decision that

would change his life forever. As a Marine, JB tells of his time on Sea Duty

then eventually being assigned to serve with an infantry unit in Vietnam

where he would be injured in the line of duty. He shares with us his time in

recovery and his life moving forward. As Time Goes By is the story of James

Bruce Redus, in his own words.


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