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What to expect when we do the Panama Canal

I’ve been dollowing Kara & Nate for a couple years now. As young newlyweds, they saved $35K to take a year off and explore the world. Well, it‘s been seven years now and they’ve found ways to make money traveling. They are “influencers” on YouTube. They have gotten better at storytelling year after year. I watch them while I’m exercising or I would never have known about them. But they‘ve done some awesome things—the South Pole, The North Pole, The Orient Express Express (First Class), spent the night hangng off the side of a mountain, and stayed in a missle silo that is now a very expensive B&B in Toad Suck Arkansas…they are on a role.

This is their video about going through the Panama Canal and it’s close to what we might all experience, depending on our choices. We will go through the “new” locks but we are hoping/planning to go explore the original locks too on a tour set up for us. Enjoy!

If you are interested in joining us on our big adventure, leave me a message on this blog posting and I‘ll get in touch with more specific information.

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