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What to Expect!

As authors, photographers, artists and historians, it’s good to understand what we will be seeing and decide how we want to see it. This is just one part of our cruise of course, but an important part from my personal bucket list. How you want to experience it will imoact your choices.

Our ship will be going through the new lochs, however, there will be time and opportunity to also view the Miraflores lochs in a smaller boat. So, deciding what all you want to see and how you want to see it is important. This video gives you some idea of what you will see and how you should prepare, but if you plan to write about the experience or photograph unusual aspects or sketch or paint what you are seeing, obviously, you might make different choices from others in our group.

While I haven’t confirmed this with Princess yet, one of the most important parts of our cruise up the eastern coast of Africa was the lectures prior to each stop. They enhanced our understanding of what we would see, provided us with local cultural practices to respect and gave us a lot of history to help us understand what we were seeing. I am assuming there will be lecturers on the ship prior to each place we go to give us information about what we will be doing and seeing. Regardless, I suggest that you do some reading prior to the cruise so that you know exactly what you want to do and see before we board.

Gary Bambridge is one of my all time favorite cruise bloggers, and I’m sure you will enjoy this particular video. Enjoy as you make your plans.

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