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We were aiming for Birmingham…but…

Tupelo, Mississippi, got in the way…and even though it was icy and slippery…we made it inside our favorite little cafe and discovered sin…a sweet, chewy snickerdoodle cookie as big as my hand…

We came to show Carmel where Elvis was born…

… and well, I had to have one, you know…while they all had regular food! 😊

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Just love all these wonderful photos. I leave for Denver for a weekend just to see my Grandkids, son adn daughter-in-law. Then back on Monday. Not exactly the adventure I wished I could have taken with all of you wonderful Red Engine Press folks, but I'll be glad for their family hugs, especially since this is my first travel without Jim, so even a short trip will have its challenges. I'll stay in touch and can't wait to hear all about your adventurdes.

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