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Tom Wing and I are very excited to announce the launch of “Julia and Maud”

At Bookish at the Bakery in Fort Smith, Arkansas, on Saturday, August 26, 2023, from 12:30 to 2:00pm. We will be sharing this tale’s journey from gossip to public documents to historical records to reenactments to our historical fiction book. We’ll also discuss Maud’s infamous letters and drawings and the role they played in the tragic story of “Julia and Maud.”

Some of our colleagues who helped make this book possible will be on hand too..including Shelley Blanton, Judge Jim Spears, Sue and Sonny Robison, and Karen Daggs. Also, John Hall from the Fort Smith Little Theater will be there to read a couple passages for us.

Given the material we have included, we expect a lively event, filled with history, scholarship, empathy and fun. If you plan on joining us and you want to reserve a book, contact Sara at Bookish at (479) 434-8631 or call or visit her at 63 S. 6th St., Fort Smith, AR. That way we will be sure to have enough books on hand.

Our daughter, Carmel Faulkner, showing off our first copy of “Julia and Maud.”

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