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Tidal Clan

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

The popular series, Warrior Cats, follows several clans of feral cats. Despite being labelled as children's books, Warrior Cats contain serious themes and unexpected topics including but not limited to violence, poisoning, drowning, cultist ideals, death, etc. Although I did not read the books myself, I have recently come across many talented cartoonists, comic artists, and animators whose works are based off the series. One of the fun challenges within the community is a random clan generator challenge. I've decided to do this challenge as a character/world study for myself. This generator gives you the name of the clan and describes the cats and the jobs they hold. Here is the progress I have so far, as I plan to post the rest of the cats at the end of the month.


Medicine Cat (Doctor)

Warrior (Hunters/Guards)

Apprentice (Warrior in Training)

Medicine Cat Apprentice (Doctor in Training)

Queen (Pregnant Cat)

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