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The Sons and Daughters of Iwo Jima

My father, Billy Lee Plummer before the Battle. He is bottom row, far right. He was 17.

Back in 2011, I was still the President of The Military Writers of America which was founded by Vietnam Vet Reverend Bill McDonald. Through that role, I met Dale Throneberry, another Vietnam Vet, who has been the heart and soul of the Veterans Radio Network for many years. Turns out, Dale’s dad and my dad were both veterans of the Battle of Iwo Jima. I had just attended the 65th Reunion of that battle in Washington DC and had met other kids of those who fought there. So together, we came up with this very personal remembrance where several of us agreed to talk about our dads, their experiences and how that historical event touched us.

Last year, Dale reposted this show and listening to it now made me smile and wipe away a few tears. For a little while, the survivors of that battle lived again…in my heart, at least…hope what we all had to say about our fathers touches you too.

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