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The many ways to tell a story…

Fiction or nonfiction or poetry…or song…the very same story can deliver different punches depending on the way it’s written. Even rank beginners develop their own approaches to storytelling. And as a writer grows, so does his/her toolchest of techniques.

I seldom ask fellow writers about their techniques anymore. What unlocks the well of creativity within my soul varies from day to day, book to book…sometimes chapter to chapter. Rewriting is a huge part of my personal process. I do start with an outline but by the time I finish researching my topic, the original outline seldom resembles the second or third one. It’s the same when I start writing my carefully sketched out scenes…they evolve as I see new dramatic opportunities or my vision for a character grows.

Perhaps the best way to develop your own process is to just sit down and do it. Other authors’ approaches may or may not work for you. Having said that, for some folks, other aithors are inspiring. For example:

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