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The Journey…

There are so many wonderful moments in Chariots of Fire...but I particularly loved Ben Cross’ performance in this scene. I don’t exactly “get” competion with other people...but I totally get self criticism. Self absorbed folks like Harold Abrahams ...or at least self-absorbed folks like me...are often frustrated with our own failings. My mother used to try and comfort me when I sobbed over imperfect school work...or not being able to make my chubby body do the amazing things other dancers could. “Rise above it,” she would Sybil in this scene. And eventually, like Harold, I would pull myself together and try again...and usually, even though I tried definition of perfection was it is now...still beyond my reach. Ben Cross captured how I feel sometimes so perfectly in this scene...and yet, aside from my periodic frustration with my efforts, it is the journey that fills each day with purpose and joy. I guess there is no up without a bunch of downs.

Rest in peace Harold Abrahams...and rest in peace Ben Cross. Their accomplishments continue to inspire me.

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