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The Haunted Bookshop, Iowa City

Established in 1978, The Haunted Bookshop at 219 North Gilbert in Iowa City, Iowa carries over 45,000 titles from Iowa interest to poetry, children’s books, ecology, classical studies, and science fiction. It is named after Chistopher Morley’s book, The Haunted Bookshop and housed in a Greek Revival building built in 1847.

They not only sell books but buy them as well from their customers. They also do small repairs to the volumes they receive but not book restoration.

The bookstore holds author events and lists them on their webpage. They have a toy section that sells US environmentally conscious merchandise like wooden toys from Vermont and adorable puppets.

On their website at they give an online tour of all the rooms at the store.

Not to be outdone by other bookstores, The Haunted Bookshop has 5 literary cats of various kinds.

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