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The Fort Smith Historical Society Journal Volume 47, No. 1, April 2023

The Fort Smith Historical Journal is in the mail today…and it’s a good one. I had the pleasure of doing a piece on Fort Smith legend Carolyn Joyce. Not only is her story compelling, but it is also a joyful journey.

Other great articles include:

—Memoriam for Bob Worley,

—“Task Performed by the Organization:German POWs at Chaffee” by Jerry Akins and Sue Robison —“Bobby Crabtree: True Grit Fighter” by Sammy Jackson

—Reprint: “Bobby Crabtree:You Don’t Kick a Man When He’s Down” by Robert Mladinich

—“An Appreciation of Sue and Floyd Robison” by Caroline Speir and Bill Word

—“Parker Elementary School:A Century of Service” by Sue Robison

— 1923 Newspapers by Al Whitson

For those of you who don’t subscribe, there are copies at the Fort Smith Public Library and electronic copies will be available shortly online at the If you need help, contact Shelley Blanton at

Erin Langford, Joyce Faulkner and John Faulkner

Erin Langford, John Faulkner and Bill Word packing up journals to mail.

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