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The audiobook version of Jim Enderle’s very special book, “Fight, Flight, or Freeze”

Is as special as the original book.

Performed and recorded at Sol Studios in Fort Smith, Arkansas, by well-known actor, performer, musician and singer Brandon Bolin, this is a terrifying piece about the trauma of war and the long road back to a new life at home. The book is beautiful and heartrending. And so is Brandon Bolin’s lyrical and almost tender performance.

I was there in the recording studio with Brandon and Sol Studio’s sound engineer Anton Rasmussen, watching the magic happen…and although I‘d read Jim‘s book and had already participated in the creation of one audiobook, I was filled with unexpected and tearful joy as the project came to a conclusion.

And so, I’m so happy to announce it’s first recognition…I’m sure there will be many…as Finalist in the category of “Audiobook” from The Author Zone In Pittsburgh, PA. Many thanks to Anna Marie Gire and the other judges for this early recognition. And congratulations Jim Enderle and Brandon Bolin.

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