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Staying Safe.

Many years ago, we had a trauma in our family that impacts me still today. I have yet to write about it in any detail, but am delaying some planned projects to work on it with fellow author Judge Jim Spears. This will be after I complete “Julia and Maud” with coauthor, Tom Wing. In the meantime, given the horrific crimes showing up on the news these days, I thought I would use this blog to share a few of the crimes I’ve seen and heard of over the years. They consist of a short description of the crime, how it was resolved if it was resolved…and some analysis that might be useful. I won’t just share my experiences though. Any of you can post. Just use the tags, “True Crime,” and or “My Story.” And also, we can share from other blogs and programs. The goal is make us all aware.

Here’s a Cutter-Law post that I found particularly thought provoking to start us off:

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