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Red Engine Press Panama Canal Authors/Artists/Photographers/Historians Cruisers Information Post 1.

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

15 Day | Panama Canal - Ocean to Ocean

Ship: Emerald PrincessFt. Lauderdale, FloridaDeparture Date: Jan 22, 2024

Our Princess Contact: Kerri-Ann Boyle and we are “Red Engine Press Cruisers.”

Hey everyone, our plans are proceeding and we are hoping to get specific answers to folks who are interested. I know many of you have questions and some of you have voiced them to me. I‘ve been taking your questions and getting answers from Kerri-Ann Boyle who is our Princess representative. Up until now, I’ve been translating the answers back to you individually. However, since some of these questions have become repetitive, let‘s do them here on our blog—for all to see. So, I’ve invited Kerri-Ann to join our blog and answer cruise related questions that you might have.

Question1: Can I bring friends and family?

Answer: Absolutely! We welcome you with open arms. The more of us there are, the better the pricing for everyone in our group too.

Question 2: Can I have time to present/demonstrate my artwork or photography or talk about my books to the group?

Answer: Yep. At this point, I know we can sell our books and services in our private meeting room. Especially on sea days, we will have structured programing in our meeting room, along with treats and coffee. In fact, I‘m open to your suggestions or proposed programming as soon as possible. We are already checking details for a range of proposed possibilities.

For example, we know we can video events and post them back to this blog in order to reach bigger audiences. So when you book the cruise let me know if you want to be a speaker. On board, your audiences will be 1) your fellow Red Engine Press Cruisers and their guests and 2) hopefully we can interest other passengers in your work or your products…and 3) folks at home can watch as well. What is not known yet if the folks at home can watch the programing live but we can definitely record and post on this blog.

Additionally, this early out, you can propose programming. Historians, is there a more historic cruise than the Panama Canal? What stories we can learn from it? Or if you knitters out there want time in the room to share your skills, now’s the time to speak up. Or quilting! If ever there was an intriguing way to tell stories, just go to a quilting show. So get back to me as soon as possible with what you‘d like to do or what you’d like to see in terms of our programming on this cruise.

Question 3: Can we sell books/artwork/other services like editing on the ship?

Answer: Yes.

Question 4: Will my expenses for this event be deductible?

Answer: Yes, we believe they are if you are a writer, book designer, artist, photographer, editor, presenter, etc. However, I’ll be talking with a tax lawyer and let you all know those details soon.

If you haven’t reserved your cabins yet because you have questions or the event is too far off or you’ve never cruised before and have to think about it, this is the time and place to ask and/or suggest. Also, the earlier you decide to go and book, the more influence you’ll have on programming issues and first shot at timing for your talks/presentations.

Again, your contact is Kerri-Ann Boyle. And tell her that you are interested in the January 22, 2024 Panama Canal Cruise from Fort Lauderdale to LA and you are part of the Red Engine Press Cruisers group. Stay tuned for further information over the coming months. Looking forward to seeing you all soon.

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