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Red Engine Press Cruisers - January 22, 2024

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

As everyone is making the decision whether to join us for the Panama Canal Cruise and trying to determine where they want their cabins to be, here are a few bits of information to help you decide. First off, you can discuss your preferences and concerns with our Princess Contact, Kerri Anne Boyle, NOTE: Our group name is “Red Engine Press Cruisers.” Or you can just use my name to help her identify which group you’ll be traveling with.

Kerri will be able to direct you to the part of the ship where we’ll be if you want to be near us…or if you prefer a cabin far away from the group, she’ll offer you those options. If you don’t like being near the elevators or the front of the ship or the back of the ship or you want to have connecting rooms with friends and family or if you don’t want to have connecting rooms at all, she can help you with all of those choices.

However, if you want to be a part of our specific programing we’ll have on the ship during sea days, contact me for that. I’ll be posting plans in detail as they come along. Yes, many of us will be authors, but not everyone. If you are an artist or you are making a movie or you are an engineer or a photographer or a radio personality or you’d like to discuss writing techniques, please contact me with your ideas and how much time you think you’d need for your ”event.”

Also, it‘s likely that prior to each shore day, there will be lectures about what you will see if you choose this or that tour. It’s also likely that I personally will have already selected the tours Johnny and I are going to do long before we board the ship, but others may have less specific interests or prefer to wake up and see how they feel. The key to having a wonderful time is, “You do you, Boo.” We’ll love you whether you want a separate private adventure or you want to shop or you want to hang out on the pool deck and not do a tour at all.

The one thing we hope you do though, is post to our blog at least once a day while we are cruising. I’ll provide details about that when we are closer.

So now…back to the booking itself. I’ll be posting things like this that I think might be helpful whether you are a newbie to cruising or an old sailor. This specific video might be helpful if you are trying to decide which kind cabin you want to reserve…and then which specific cabin. Enjoy the process.

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