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Day 13: February 3, 2024, People watching to create characters…

Updated: Feb 13

This cruise has made me realize another way traveling has helped my writing. One can encounter a number of interesting people. It’s not hard to see someone interesting and envision a way to work them into my book. On this cruise, I’ve twice seen a woman with short black hair, wearing sunglasses, a dark hat, dark slacks, and a dark lightweight jacket. I haven’t seen her without her sunglasses, hat, etc., but if I did, would I recognize her. 

I did see a woman with long, light brown hair in white shorts and a light blue t-shirt that I thought might be her. If it was, why the different look? Is she hiding from someone? If I included her in my next book, would she be the predator or the prey? I do think a writer should let his/her imagination run a little bit wild now and then.

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