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Paul Holes: Solving Cold Cases using Genetic DNA

Johnny and I were planning on doing a CrimeCon cruise with our True Crime Authors JB King and Sandra Miller Linhart. However, the pandemic caused several delays and when it finally was resolved, neither of our authors could attend. So Johnny and I and our son Nate decided to go anyway. Originally, the main speaker was Gemma Hoskins who along with her friend and fellow classmate Abbie Schaub pursued a cold case that had traumatized them…the murder of their teacher, Sister Cathy Ceznik, in 1969 Baltimore. Having watched their Netflix Series, “The Keepers,“ I was eager to meet her.

However, when the powers that be decided that vaccines and masks made the event feasible again and rescheduled it, Gemma backed out and was replaced with…surprise of all surprises…Paul Holes.

Paul was fresh from the career coo of all times—using crime scene DNA samples in concert with genealogy to solve a decades long mystery— the identity of the Golden State Killer as Joseph James De Angelo. Paul’s presentations were well prepared and very educational. And while I got to shake his hand and remember him as an excellent presenter, I was one of many and I’m sure he has no idea who I am. Regardless, I‘ve followed him for several years now—and listened to his various podcasts and the audio version of his book, “Unmasked: My Life Solving America's Cold Cases.”

Here is a short introduction to Paul himself and the case that made him …and the use of the genetic DNA process…mainstream.

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