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“In war, everybody loses. Participants sacrifice their lives, limbs, and sanity, perpetrators their morality.”

Joe Campolo

Joe Campolo’s book, On War, Fishing, and Philosophy is a collection of short biographies and stories on a variety of topics. Most are written by Campolo but the section on “Guest Writers “ contains articles by several other story tellers. Major book sections include “War and the Military”, “Outdoor Recreation and Activities”, “Work and Life”, “Guest Writers”, and “Philosophical Quotes from Joe and Others”.

In “War and the Military,” Campolo tells stories about his four years in the military. “Outdoor Recreation and Activities” covers outdoor adventures. “Work and Life” tells additional stories about Campolo’s life.

“Guest Writers” offers stories by other writers, and the section on “Philosophical Quotes“ includes some of Joe’s philosophy and that of others.

On War, Fishing, and Philosophy in an interesting book. It is perfect for reading stories individually or straight through.


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