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Judge Jim Spears book takes First Place in Non-fiction History Category of the 2022 TAZ Awards

Red Engine Press is pleased to announce that Retired Sebastian County, Arkansas jurist, Judge Jim Spears, is an exceedingly happy man today. We just learned that his book, “Justice Divided: A Judicial History of Sebastian County,” took First Place in the History Category in the annual TAZ Awards Program out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

As many of Jim Spears fans know, he has been working on this project for over forty years. The book is an informative survey of all the men and women over the centuries from 1851 right up until today. You might think this narration would be staid and scholarly…and you would be right. However, as i formative as it is, each chapter delights with tales about the character of each judge, Arkansas history during his/her time on the Bench and an interesting and intriguing case that he/she presided over. From the staid and proper to the outrageous and important, this book is a fun read.

We are so very proud that Jim allowed us to publish this very special way of enjoying Arkansas history over the ages. It’s been a fun ride, getting the inside poop on some of Sebastian County’s famous and/or infamous cases.

Congratulations, Judge Jim Spears.

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