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Jan Hunter’s Young Adult Book

If you ask Mrs. Hunter about her bucket list, she'll tell you it would fill a roll of bulletin board paper. If you ask her what she loves doing best, she'll say: watching people. It was through watching the students she taught over a period of thirty-nine years that she discovered she loved teaching and learning from her students of all ages, especially middle and high school students. They understood each other. Max, Jeff, and Julie, the young characters in Taming the Fire Within, emerged from her relationships with students between the ages of thirteen and nineteen. When she isn't writing, Mrs. Hunter is a gym rat. She also loves riding behind her husband on his Harley Davidson in the Smoky Mountains where they live. She's a voracious reader, and loves tending to her plants and trying on (and buying) clothes in the shop where she works. She and her husband share custody of a great black Lab with a family from the farm down the road. She also loves visiting their four grown children, and their five grandchildren. This is her first novel.

Review on Amazon:

Reviewed in the United States on October 29, 2018

Taming the Fire Within is perfect young adult fiction for military “brats” everywhere. Jan Hunter provides a vivid but nuanced portrayal of a rebellious teenager immersed in a military family that sets typically high standards and expectations for their children. In this context, the author weaves a wonderful tale of healing between a Vietnam veteran grandfather struggling with latent PTSD and his grandson, tortured by his own set of demons. Jan Hunter unpacks the teenage mind with an authenticity seldom seen in the genre. This book is the ideal gift for any teenage grandchild of a military veteran.

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