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Interested in “Frozen Tears: The Fort Leonard Wood MP Murders” by JB King and Sandra Miller Linhart?

The first time I heard JB King talk about this case, Pat Avery and I were at a writers‘ event in Missouri in 2015. It had been over 38 years since the night that as a young Missouri State Highway Patrol Trooper, JB got a call about a shooting. It was confusing at first. Something about kids? And Fort Leonard Wood? As he headed drove out to the reported location, he had no idea that what he was about to see and hear would visit his dreams for years to come. In fact, when he told a room full of authors about it more than three decades later, he teared up. And with those tears, I knew then that this was a man…and a book…that Red Engine Press wanted to publish.

I am extremely proud of “Frozen Tears” by JB King and Sandra Miller Linhart. It covers a horrific crime from many perspectives…from JB’s role as first responder, to the investigation, the culture and landscape of Fort Leonard Wood and the communities that surround it, the impact of this crime on JB himself and the other law enforcement personnel, the legal community…and on the families of the victims. In the intervening years, “Frozen Tears“ has won awards and accolades. But more importantly, people around the world who were in some way touched by the incident have finally had their questions answered. JB‘s tender heart and tough demeanor made him the perfect person to write this story. You’ll see what I mean when you listen to this podcast interview of him talking about what it meant to him…

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