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When we are authors or photographers or artists or cartoonists or movie makers or videographers or quilters or knitters or poets or bloggers or any other kind of creative, inspiration is at the core of our work. How we turn everyday experiences into something bigger than ourselves is as diverse as we are.

One of the things I hope we will work on while we are on our cruise is an anthology inspired by the Panama Canal itself, the ship, the people we meet, the things we see, the tools at our disposal and our daily postings to this blog while we are sailing. It can be anything you want to work on and share with your fellow creatives sailing with you. Or it can be in response to those of you who can’t come on the cruise but still want to participate on the blog and interact with the cruisers…from asking questions to doing research based on the stories we dig up along the way to actually being inspired by our adventure and creating something to add to our anthology.

So, for those of you who will be joining us on the cruise, come prepared to inspire…yourself, your fellow writer/cruisers and those of you enjoying our adventures remotely. Be prepared to enjoy our world, history, animals and technology through our uniquely creative lenses. And those of you who will be participating from home, we will be posting all the time during our cruise and encouraging you to react to our posts creatively as well and to post!

More detail info will be provided as we get closer to cruise time.

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