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In Memorium: Bev Walton-Porter (Sninchak)

Left: Mindy Lawrence, Right: Bev Sninchak (Bev Walton-Porter)

Author and editor Bev Sninchak (Bev Walton-Porter) stepped off the earth on January 30, 2022 at the age of 59. Far too soon. Were it not for her, I never would have known Joyce Faulkner of Red Engine Press. Bev taught an online class on freelance writing. Joyce and I met in it.

Bev was an excellent instructor who gave her students the tools to grow as writers. She had a site called Scribe and Quill where she offered help to others, posted helpful articles, and had other writers post there. It was through her that I got an article in Writers’ Digest magazine.

Writers’ Digest Books published her helpful Sun Signs for Writers. In it, she showed authors how to use the zodiac to help develop characters in novels and short stories.

Red Engine Press published The Complete Writer: A Guide to Tapping Your Full Potential, which she co-authored. She owned Triple Crow Press, a small, exclusive eBook publisher, wrote romances and paranormal fiction--sometimes under the name Starr Ferris--and published hundreds of articles online. She loved writing, languages, forensics, psychology, and true crime.

It wasn’t until two or three years ago that we finally met in person. She was just as pleasant and bright as she appeared to be online. It was the only time we saw each other.

Everyone who knew Bev misses her, especially her husband Paul and her two grown children. I’m so glad I had the chance to meet her and become her friend.

Mindy Lawrence
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