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I Should Get This Tattooed!

By Abigail Walouke (abbimation), Red Engine Illustrator

I love tattoos, yes including the heart tattoo with "mom" written across it. And I love the illustrations that are prepared by the tattoo artist for the sessions with their clients. The shading that needs to be done is different than that of a shading technique with charcoal or paint.

Even through the pain of getting my own half sleeve, I couldn't help but observe the way my artist (shout out to Quil at Riot Ink in Columbus, Ohio!) was shading in my tattoo, using a minimal pointillism technique like that of the famous A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte by Georges Seurat.

I wanted to increment different types of shading techniques using lines and dots like Seurat. It is amazing to see how a piece of illustration can pop when the time is taken to make every little mark.

I give you Roses and Tattoos, 2022, Procreate


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