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For those of you going on the Red Engine Press Authors’ Panama Canal Cruise in January 2024!

I find this fellow’s video advice useful. Although I’ve been on a bunch of cruises, I certainly haven’t come close to his experience. However, our trip to Africa was one of those adventures where we spent a lot of money. I wanted it to go off perfectly. And I planned for it over a year. However, there were still things that I needed that I left behind, things that I brought that I didn’t need and had to lug all over Africa with me, and tours that I would have missed out on if I hadn’t reserved them when I did…months and months before we left.

Our upcoming 15 day cruise through the Panama Canal (from Fort Lauderdale to Los Angeles, January 24, 2024 to February ) will be an “Authors’ Event.” It’ll also be a an artist/photography/video/book/educational/

history /engineering cruise. We will be sharing our videos, pictures, talks and other activities and adventures back to this blog for all to enjoy while we are doing it.

It’s time to start deciding what you want to do in port and make those reservations if required. It’s also time to define what your onboard events will look like and what you need to do to make them go off without a hitch. We need to figure out what activities we want to post to the Princess Patter so that other passengers know about our programming and our authors and our books and where we will be meeting. For port days, Princess offers all kinds of tours. As I said earlier, to get the one you want, make those decisions early. How are you going to capture those events? On your phones? Cameras? Sketch pads?

We will have seven sea days. How do we want to fill them…as a group and individually? What topics do you want to present? What topics do you want to see presented? What kinds of things do you want to learn? If you have suggestions and ideas on how to make this event work for all of us…to introduce as many folks as possible to our work, now’s the time to contact me. Bookstore owners, let me know how we can get to know you and direct you to our authors…both those on board with us and those participating at home. And of course, if there are authors, artists, photographers, and movie makers who are still deciding, now is the time to come up with ideas that will benefit/advertise your work…whether you join us on board or participate from your computer screen. We want this to work for all of us…whether you are actually on the cruise or not!

And finally, start thinking about the book we plan to publish about this adventure…will you submit photos? Articles? Drawings? Short Stories? Cartoons? And what do you need to bring with you to capture those things?

If you have suggestions or questions, email me at

Let’s cruise smart…

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