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There’s sad news to share today. Sad for the Avery family. Sad for Red Engine Press. Sad for our little part of the world, really. Everett Avery, husband of Red Engine Press co-owner, Pat McGrath Avery, passed away suddenly yesterday. Fortunately, he was on a cruise ship in Alaska with the people he loved most in the world…Pat and their two sons and their families. His eldest, Chris, told me that they were having a wonderful time together when God chose to take him.

Everett was a force of nature—the fella who carried the books, set up the tables, and made things work. He was there when something needed fixing. He was there when something was too heavy or broken or lost. From his big smile to his tender heart to the way he loved his doggies and his boys and grandkids …and most especially, Pat, he radiated dedication and reliability. And although he was a modest man, his talents were vast.

We’ll miss Everett…but I’m sure he’ll soon be busy toting books for the angels and fixing whatever’s been languishing in Heaven until his arrival. And when the rest of us get there, things will be just right.

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