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Darneisha Airhart’s “Louder and Funnier,” a children’s book about Fort Smith legend, Alphonzo Trent!

What a fun way to spend a Thursday afternoon! My husband Johnny and I love seeing our authors‘ joy when their books arrive and then again when they sell their very first copy. Today was one of those moments. We’ve been working with Dar Airhart for the better part of two years….often working late into the evening to bring Dar’s vision to life. Some afternoons, we’d meet at the small coffee shop across from the library and take great joy in the little red birds who swooped down from the limbs of the trees outside and pecked on the windows behind us. We’d look at them, giggle…and take delight that not only did we arrive for our meeting, so did our red feathered friends. Their presence was especially satisfying.

Today was Dar Airhart’s first of many planned events publicizing and/or selling her book and seeing her joy was wonderful!

Dar at her first signing in the Fort Smith Library foyer.

Dar enjoying the moment with a friend in the lobby of the Fort Smith Public Library.

And here we are, posing with this beautiful young woman who worked so hard and so long on this project. Seeing friends and passersby pause to examine her book and related products is gratifying for any author…especially for the first book. Dar worked hard to create this book because the story behind it spoke to her soul. And the feedback from family, friends and unknown passersby fed her joy. Thank you all for participating in Dar’s special event.

And finally, many thanks to the Library for providing a place and a moment for so many small miracles to happen.

Congrats, Dar! You do us proud.

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