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Book Review: The Eagle’s Eyes

Updated: May 21, 2023

The Eagle’s Eyes by R.L.Roush is a fantasy for young adults using the local legend from the Chippewa of Pennsylvania. Kristie and Lawrence get caught in events during their summer vacation when they go for a swim in the Beaver River that runs through Eagles Woods. Their discoveries change their lives and the lives of all around them.

R.L. Roush writes excellent dialogue. Her characters relate well together and convey their amazement about what they learn. There are many surprises over the course of the book and Roush tells them well, drawing readers into the investigation.

Roush has done a great job of writing for Young Adults. The books also are an interesting read for older readers.

The Eagle’s Eyes is the first of a three-book series that will delight the eager reader. The other books are The Cat's Eyes and The Serpent's Eyes.

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