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Updated: Dec 28, 2023

Quarantining Hate

Kerrie Taber

“People have the propensity to learn hate, and it quickly spreads throughout communities.” Kerrie Taber

Kerrie Taber’s brave book, Quarantining Hate, was the 2023 winner for non-fiction at the TAZ AWARDS. The book is about her grandfather and the growth of hatred in the past and now. It is well written and bold. She discovers a treasure trove of information on her Lithuanian maternal grandfather and what he did for Germany during World War II, all of it horrendous.

Taber’s mother was born in Lithuania and came to Cleveland when she was about 8. During her growing up years, Taber visited her grandfather who lived a very sheltered like. He was stubborn and demanding but allowed small bits of caring on occasion. Taber discusses what she knew of him and what she found out about him in Quarantining Hate. She also discusses how social media can be used to expand the negatives about people who are “different” from ourselves.

Kerrie Taber

The book is a warning about the perpetuation of hate that appears to be growing again. Taber is brave to tell us the story of her grandfather and to show how hatred can spread again. By voicing the danger, she warns people of the possibility of repeating history at its worst.

Taber did a marvelous job telling her story.


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